For one week, Eden Hall Elementary School 4th, 5th & 6th grade students collected pennies, silver coins and dollars to raise money for children admitted to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh whose parents needed economic assistance to remain with them in the hospital.   Every class made its own poster describing what Pennies From Heaven meant to them and the placed their donated pennies in their classroom jar.  The poster winners are pictured below. At various times during the week, students were permitted to sneak into other rooms and place silver coins and dollars in their rivals’ jars.  The silver and dollar donations then subtracted from the total of pennies in that jar.  The overall classroom winner was based on the net amount collected and the 4th, 5th & 6th grade class winners, pictured above, were awarded a coveted trophy.

As observed by Pennies Board members and Pine Richland parents, Diane & Doug Murray, “The administration at Eden Hall and the parents of the students were incredibly supportive of this project and fostered a caring environment.  Thanks to that environment, the students really immersed themselves in this endeavor, many of the students even did extra chores and went door to door collecting money.  The students really understood that every penny raised would go directly to a child in need and they really wanted to help.  This community outreach project taught the students important lessons that they will follow throughout their lives.”  The Eden Elementary students will also help countless less fortunate children because together they raised an all-time high for school based events, an incredible $8,355.46!

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